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Board Arrogance

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Board Arrogance Empty Board Arrogance

Post by angigarcia498 on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:33 pm

I emailed numerous requests to the board back in October and November asking for copies of the HOA's monthly financial statements for 2007-2009. Never received anything and because of the holidays, snow, etc. let this slide.

I followed up this morning with the email below:

Good morning all,

I had made numerous requests last fall for specific financial information pertaining to the homeowners association, specifically I wanted to see the monthly financial statements from 2007-2009. To date I have not received ANY of the information requested despite being told that I would receive it "shortly".

So I am now submitting another request for these documents and would ask that I have them no later than next Saturday, March 20th. I will even pick them up to save on the postage.

The one thing I am curious about is why there seems to be such stall tactics and secrecy for this request?? Is the homeowners association hiding something they don't want the owners to discover?? I wonder how the other 500+ homeowners would feel knowing that such a simple request has been stonewalled and ignored.

Just a reminder, elections are coming around . . . .

Angela Leighty

This is the response I received from our Vice President:

Angela, this matter was discussed at length with board members and counsel. I will defer to Valerie on the specifics; however, please note that the detail of information that you request crosses the line of confidentiality in the manner in which the books are kept. I believe Valerie uses Quicken and is configured to drive off the homeowner's name. While I believe each unit has an account ID, all canned reports in the software suite will reveal homeowner names with corrsponding activity.

While Association members have the right to access financial records, they do NOT have the right to review rocords that would reveal the pay history, etc of homeowners...that is confidential. I believe Valerie has provides, or easily can the monthly summary statemetns, and the board has requested that information be posted on the website.

No fradulent or suspicious activity has occurred. Board members review the financials monthly in the board package. The specificity of information you request is the sole issue. It would be helpful to understand why you feel the need to see [confidential, or to use your wording, specific] line level transactions.

Valerie, please advise on the status of releasing/posting the summary information, as well as confirming what I have stated regarding the ledger itself.

Thanx, Dave

The reason I am sharing this is that I want this community to know just how arrogant and condescending some memebers of our board are and I want to make sure they ARE NOT elected again because I do not feel they represent the majority of the homeowners in this community.

Let's make a serious change in May!!!


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Board Arrogance Empty I don't follow...

Post by radamson on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:07 pm

Hi Angela,
I certainly can understand your frustration with the delay in response by the board. But I just don't follow where the arrogance and condescendence come into play.

I'm unaware of the specificity in your previous requests but I presume it must be the reason that Dave goes right into homeowner-specific line-level transactions. Certainly these types of detail are not normally included in "monthly financial statements." And I trust that's not the specific information for which you're looking. I don't think it unreasonable for the board to fulfill any homeowner request for Balance Sheets, Net Worth, Big Picture type statements. I do agree with Dave regarding confidential homeowner payment history and the like.

Thanks for listening,
Richard Adamson


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Board Arrogance Empty Re: Board Arrogance

Post by Tim on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:52 pm

Richard, I think the frustrating part is the fact that Angie emailed the board late last year and nothing. She sent another email last week and they come back with this kind of statement. While I agree that homeowners do not have the right to know who may or may not be paying their dues, we do have the right to all other information. The response from the borad to Angie's request should have been: "We will provide you access to all finanical documentation with the exception of specific information with regards to homeowner who have or have not paid their dues". For them to come back and ask questions like "Why do you want them, We are discussing the issues, etc." is not the answer we should be getting.
It just gets frustrating when you request things from the board and it take months and months to get anything from them. I am speaking from example because they still have not fixed a safety hazard in my culvert that was reported to them June 2009.

Tim Bongiovanni

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Board Arrogance Empty Re: Board Arrogance

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