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Lawn and Landscaping

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Lawn and Landscaping Empty Lawn and Landscaping

Post by Metina on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:50 pm

Firefighter Owned and Operated

4 Alarm Lawn and Landscaping

Services Include:
Lawn Moving Lawn Seeding
Mulching Tree and Shrub Care
Fencing General Maintenance
Patios Rock Wall Construction
Dog Fences .....And More!
Bush Hogging
Driveway Sealing

Phone 571-271-8532
Chris Foreback
(Easter Egg Hunt Sponsor)

-Metina Bongiovanni
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Lawn and Landscaping Empty Re: Lawn and Landscaping

Post by CBW on Sun May 08, 2011 12:32 pm

Not recommended for lawn mowing and trimming --

Business name: Bill's Handyman
Owner: Bill Morgan

Reason not recommended: He is not safety conscious with his trimmer. His gas-powered trimmer sprays pebbles on such a high trajectory that I suspect he positions the reel vertically. He doesn't just trim the grass -- He whips it out of the ground, and then he whips the dirt! He's not in a secluded backyard garden, he's on a tiny townhouse front lawn with nearby walks and driveways.

I guess technically what he is doing is edging, not trimming, but it's Godzilla-style edging. It's not just a slit between the lawn and the concrete, it's an apron of dirt that he expands every week. R&L (who do the public areas) and most of the neighbors are able to trim the edges of their lawns without creating a dirt-and-rock perimeter like the one Mr. Morgan has created around my lawn. (See photo, below, of one of the worse areas.)

The pebbles had been hitting my car and my front door, but I tolerated it. The last straw -- rather, the last pebble -- was when I was walking back from moving my car and one hit my neck, about 6 inches from my eye. I complained, but he didn't seem to care. He seems oblivious to people in the area. Someday he's going to hurt somebody bad, maybe a child who is walking by.

Edit: In an earlier version of this post I complained that Mr. Morgan's trimmer has no safety guard. But I reviewed my surveillance video and saw that the trimmer does have a small safety guard that sticks way out back, leaving the reel exposed. Apparently it protects the user's feet. Internet research indicates that this minimal safety guard is typical for gas powered trimmers. No doubt a larger guard would fall apart under the powerful beating.

The video shows me reacting to being hit by the pebble. Then Mr. Morgan comes into view, edging the lawn along the driveway. All the way down the side of the driveway, to where it meets the public sidewalk, he holds the business end of the trimmer at about a 45 degree angle, effectively turning it into a pebble-and-dirt-shooting machine gun. The rest of the time, he positions the trimmer properly but continues his dirt whipping to the peril of anyone who walks by.

Lawn and Landscaping 24fe23l

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