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Executive Meetings not open to the community

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Executive Meetings not open to the community Empty Executive Meetings not open to the community

Post by Tim on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:38 pm


For those of you who often wondered why/if there are any "private" HOA meetings here is an email that was recently sent out to a yahoo group by our Vice President Mike Boyle:

(note: Suzanne is not a community member, but is a member of the Jefferson County Homeowners Association Group. This is a group that works together to have HOA's in Jefferson county run more smoothly)


This is Mike Boyle. I live in and am on the Board at Locust Hill. The Board here holds "executive" sessions where Unit Owners are not invited. These meetings can be called by either a majority of the Board's members or by the President with three days notice. The purpose of these meetings are typically for one of two things. First, the subject of the meeting is confidential or it is to develop a strategy that then is shared with the community at large after the basics have been generally agreed to, like drafting an annual budget construct. Our Board cannot vote to approve or deny anything at these executive sessions unless the matter is confidential. All voting and/or the passing of resolutions are dealt with at publicly scheduled meetings.

A couple of things to consider: If your Declaration is silent on Board only meetings, suggest you consider a bylaw change that does allow for certain types of closed meetings. If necessary, I would suggest that your bylaws be change/modified. The change/modification would have to address the limited nature of these meetings, who should (or not) be attending and under what circumstances (lead time, authorizations, etc.,) these meetings can be called. Additionally, I would suggest that the change address what business can or cannot be conducted. Finally, assuming that you do elect to enable these types of meetings, you will need to keep detailed minutes. They may never see the light of day because what was discussed was confidential, however, if what occurred was a planning session then I would strongly suggest that you make them available to the Community at your earliest opportunity.

Our Declaration gives us some license to hold executive sessions but we only exercise the option when we truly need to do so, otherwise you will hear cries of secret meetings!

On a person note, I would suggest that these types of meetings are a must and that you need to find a way to hold them. Given how slow it takes to get anything accomplished within an Association, it sure helps to have a well thought out recommendation/plan prior to going public; it also helps to know if there is a consensus on Board. That doesn't mean that your fellow unit owners will buy everything the Board is selling but it does help. Trying to get an agreement on challenging, complex matters from a room full of people who are not up to speed can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Wish you folks luck!

Michael J. Boyle
64 Pinehurst Ct
Charles Town, WV 25414
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Tim Bongiovanni

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Executive Meetings not open to the community Empty Closed meetings are not a good idea.

Post by CBW on Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:00 am

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But they cannot be prevented. Nothing can stop board members from "by coincidence" showing up at someone's house or at a restaurant, all at the same time.


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