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2011 Budget

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2011 Budget Empty 2011 Budget

Post by Tim on Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:59 am


The budget for next year has come out and on the surface it seems somewhat acceptable, don't be fooled. With this board there is always something under the surface. They have taken away the ONLY THINGS THEY HAVE EVER GIVEN THE COMMUNITY, the YARD WASTE PROGRAM. What a poor decision. There have been 2 people on this board, Mike Boyle and Carolyn Ballinger that have served this community for a combined 8 plus years and for the first time have been asked to have input from the paid CPA on the budget issues. This is a basic principle to ask input from your paid CPA. Why they have never done this in the past is beyond me. You have to question the last 3 years and if the budget has been correct. SAD, SAD, SAD.

Bottom line is that you have to vote NO to this budget because of one line item. You cannot give 2000 dollars to the Recreation Committee because if this is added it will only increase your dues in future years. You also have to vote NO to the survey for the pool. Don't be fooled into thinking that your dues will only go up to around 70 dollars a month. What is not added is the fact of yearly maintenance and summer hires. You are really looking at about 100 dollars a month when all is said and done. Also, what happnes if the hotel folds and goes under, do you really want to have a vacant hotel in your community. I know I do not.


Also vote for change in next years May election and vote MIKE BOYLE and CAROLYN BALLINGER out of office.

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