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Incident at bus stop on Tuesday, September 28th

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Incident at bus stop on Tuesday, September 28th Empty Incident at bus stop on Tuesday, September 28th

Post by Sharon on Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:23 pm

Parents! I just want to make you aware of an incident I heard about today when picking up my middle school student from his bus stop today. My son rides the bus and gets off at the last stop closest to Summit Point Road where the bus shelter is.

On Tuesday afternoon, another student was walking home, up Oakmont towards Pinehurst, when a man in a vehicle pulled up alongside him and asked him to get in his vehicle. He said he would drive the boy home. The student said no and the man asked again. After the boy again told him no, he drove off out of our community.

The parent of this child reported the incident to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept. and gave them the following information: the car was green, newer model, with either a red bumper or some sort of stripe that went around the whole car. It was driven by an older man, white, "fat" and bald.

The Sheriff's office unfortunately has done nothing other than taking the information. The parent notified the school today and I was at a meeting tonight with many school board officials but I was told by a principal there that once the police are involved, the schools cannot disseminate information to parents. Therefore, I don't expect there will be a note coming home to parents about this. Please alert your kids to this and to be AWARE. Parents pass this on to everyone.

One final note.. the student was listening to his IPOD and had ear buds in his ears. He didn't hear the car come up beside him. Let your kids know to be aware of their surroundings!


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